Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Handsome Hayze

Well I had this grand idea that I was going to have him fit inside the boot but he was to big so I had to settle for this! Still love it!

Oh this little man is just to cute and he is starting to get some chubby cheeks and rolls, nothing better than a chubby baby! He is just to sweet and content and sleepy the kid is 5 weeks old and is still only awake for like 4 hours total all day he loves to sleep even at night! He loves to look around for his sister when he is awake I love how he looks for her when he hears her voice, he loves to snuggle and to be sang to. I was so worried when I had him if I would be able to love him as much as I love Taygan and I definatly do it is amazing how much you can love your kids and love them all the same! He has brought so much love, joy and happiness to our home already I can't wait for whats to come! He loves to bath and gets to bath with sister which she loves well except for when she gets peed on yep he pees on her in the tub from time to time but she still hasn't learned to look out!

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